The AQUA AGM was held on Monday 29th April, many thanks to those in the community who found the time to attend. The 2024 committee includes:

President – Dr Timothy Barrows, UNSW Sydney, Sydney, NSW

Vice-president – Dr Lydia MacKenzie, University of Tasmania, Tas

Treasurer – Dr Alex Francke, University of Adelaide, SA

Shadow Treasurer – Dr Annie Lau, University of Queensland, QLD

Secretary – Dr Caroline Mather, UWA, WA,

IT & communications – Dr Juliet Sefton, University of Melbourne, Vic and Dr. Matthew Harris, GNS Science, Wellington, New Zealand

Quaternary Australasia Editor – Dr Lauren Linnenlucke, ANSTO, NSW

Quaternary Australasia Shadow Editor – Dr Emma Rehn, James Cook University, QLD

Past President – Dr John Tibby, University of Adelaide, SA

General members

Johanna Hanson, University of Canterbury, NZ

Dr Charles Maxson, University of Adelaide, SA

Teresa Dixon, University of Queensland, QLD

Dr Greer Gilmer, GNS Science, NZ

Dr Micheline Campbell, UNSW Sydney, NSW


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