We will be presenting an interview series featuring our amazing AQUA researchers. Please get in touch with Annie Lau if you want to be interviewed!

(2021/09) Interview series: Dr Michelle McKeown

We got to interview Dr Michelle McKeown when she was busy packing and moving from New Zealand to Ireland. She shared with us her academic journey that took her from Ireland to Fiji to New Zealand (and back), and the differences between working in academia and consulting. She promised she will travel back to the Southern Hemisphere for an exciting palaeoclimate project!

“You must be very time efficient in a consulting environment…you rarely have the time or budget to answer them to the same degree that an academic publication requires. This has been the biggest adjustment for me. However, you get to work on a broad range of projects, and this can be excellent for broadening your knowledge on environmental issues.”

(2021/05) Interview series: Dr Haidee Cadd 

To kick-off this new interview series, we talked to Dr Haidee Cadd of UNSW on palaeoecology, her field trips and lab work, role models, sports, and her work for AQUA.

“I originally went to university fully intending to become a zoologist working with Orang Utan’s in the Borneo rainforests…I never knew that staring down a microscope at pollen grains was my passion, but I’m glad I got the opportunity to find out.”