Life Membership of AQUA

The AQUA Constitution (in section “10 Membership categories”) describes that:

A Life member is a person who has made an outstanding contribution to Quaternary Studies over a substantial period of years or who has provided exceptional long-term service and support to the Association. A Life membership is proposed by the Committee and must be approved by a general meeting. Life members are not expected to pay fees and may choose to receive any publications produced by the Association.

(Please also note that a previous version of our Constitution had a statement that – A Life membership cannot be proposed if the number of Life members exceeds 5 percent of the total number of members. This statement was removed after at a Special General Meeting held on 31/5/2017)

Life members include: Jim Bowler, Eric Colhoun, John Chappell (dec), Peter Kershaw, John Magee (2014), Matt McGlone (2016), Geoff Hope (2021, dec), and Jeanette Hope (2022).

The AQUA executive normally makes a call for the nomination of Life Members in the lead up to a Biennial Conference and they are announced soon after.

Life Membership Nomination Form

AQUA 2024 Biennial – Student travel awards

Congratulations to the following students on receiving travel awards to attend the 2024 AQUA Biennial. Many thanks to AINSE for additional funding for travel prizes, and to the conference committee who agreed to waive registration for these students.

  • Laura McDonald – University of Auckland
  • Eleanor Steel – Monash University
  • Kym Edwards – University of Adelaide
  • Fletcher Nixon – University of Adelaide
  • Mahfuzur Rahman – University of Newcastle
  • Chloe Stringer – University of Melbourne

INQUA Roma 2023 – Student travel awards

Congratulations to the following students, who have received travel awards to attend the 2023 INQUA Congress in Rome.

  • Sarah Cooley – University of Melbourne
  • Timothy Anane – Massey University
  • Vanessa Nowinski – University of Adelaide
  • Kia Matley – University of Melbourne

AQUA Biennial 2022, Adelaide – Student Travel prizes

Congratulations to the below on receiving travel prizes to attend the 2022 AQUA Biennial. Many thanks to AINSE for additional funding to allow us to award more prizes than usual.

  • Johanna Hanson – University of Canterbury
  • Alysha Jones – Australian National University
  • Bianca Dickson – University of Melbourne
  • Mahsa Alidoostsalimi – University of Melbourne
  • Chloe Stringer – University of Melbourne
  • Zuorui Liu – University of Melbourne
  • Calla Gould-Whaley – University of Melbourne
  • Bohao Dong – University of Melbourne
  • Ryan North – University of Wollongong
  • Jessica Macha – Monash University

AQUA Congress 2018, Canberra – Travel prize winners

The Executive Committee of AQUA would like to note that the following people received a travel grant to attend the 2018 AQUA Biennial Conference in Canberra:

  • Haidee Cadd, The University of Adelaide
  • Elyssa De Carli, The University of Sydney
  • Georgy Falster, The University of Adelaide
  • Mohammadali Faraji, The University of Newcastle
  • Heather Haines, Griffith University
  • Julien Lubeek, Macquarie University
  • Leonie Peti, The University of Auckland
  • Georgia Roberts ANU/Monash University
  • Mandy Shao, The University of Adelaide
  • Elise Thornton, Federation University
  • Xianglin Zheng, The University of NSW

INQUA Congress 2015, Japan – Travel prize winners

  • Shaun Eaves, Victoria University of Wellington: Uniform summertime cooling 
    drove glacier advances across New Zealand during the Antarctic Cold 
  • Jessica Hinojosa, University of Otago: Holocene evolution of marine 
    radiocarbon reservoir ages offshore southwest New Zealand: Implications 
    for water mass migration and radiocarbon dating accuracy
  • Claire Krause, Australian National University: New insights on tropical 
    vegetation productivity and atmospheric methane over the last 40,000 years 
    from speleothems in Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Jennifer Wurtzel, Australian National University: Holocene climate 
    variability recorded in a speleothem from Sumatra, Indonesia

The AQUA postgraduate travel prize

This award is not currently available.

Past winners

    • 1999 – John Jansen, The Australian National University
    • 1999 – Nerida Bleakley, Monash University
    • 2000 – Nick Porch, Monash University
    • 2001 – Jessica Reeves, University of Wollongong
    • 2002 – Helen McGregor, The Australian National University
    • 2002 – Mark Hemer, University of Tasmania
    • 2003 – Craig Sloss, University of Wollongong
    • 2004 – Karen Carthew, Macquarie University
    • 2005 – Kira Westaway, University of Wollongong
    • 2006 – Simon Connor, Melbourne University