Life Membership of AQUA

The AQUA Constitution (in section “10 Membership categories”) describes that:

A Life member is a person who has made an outstanding contribution to Quaternary Studies over a substantial period of years or who has provided exceptional long-term service and support to the Association. A Life membership is proposed by the Committee and must be approved by a general meeting. Life members are not expected to pay fees and may choose to receive any publications produced by the Association.

(Please also note that a previous version of our Constitution had a statement that – A Life membership cannot be proposed if the number of Life members exceeds 5 percent of the total number of members. This statement was removed after at a Special General Meeting held on 31/5/2017)

Life members include: Jim Bowler, Eric Colhoun, John Chappell (dec), Peter Kershaw, John Magee (2014), Matt McGlone (2016), and Geoff Hope (2021, dec).

The AQUA executive normally makes a call for the nomination of Life Members in the lead up to a Biennial Conference and they are announced soon after.

Life Membership Nomination Form

AQUA Congress 2018, Canberra – Travel prize winners

The Executive Committee of AQUA would like to note that the following people received a travel grant to attend the 2018 AQUA Biennial Conference in Canberra:

  • Haidee Cadd, The University of Adelaide
  • Elyssa De Carli, The University of Sydney
  • Georgy Falster, The University of Adelaide
  • Mohammadali Faraji, The University of Newcastle
  • Heather Haines, Griffith University
  • Julien Lubeek, Macquarie University
  • Leonie Peti, The University of Auckland
  • Georgia Roberts ANU/Monash University
  • Mandy Shao, The University of Adelaide
  • Elise Thornton, Federation University
  • Xianglin Zheng, The University of NSW

INQUA Congress 2015, Japan – Travel prize winners

  • Shaun Eaves, Victoria University of Wellington: Uniform summertime cooling 
    drove glacier advances across New Zealand during the Antarctic Cold 
  • Jessica Hinojosa, University of Otago: Holocene evolution of marine 
    radiocarbon reservoir ages offshore southwest New Zealand: Implications 
    for water mass migration and radiocarbon dating accuracy
  • Claire Krause, Australian National University: New insights on tropical 
    vegetation productivity and atmospheric methane over the last 40,000 years 
    from speleothems in Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Jennifer Wurtzel, Australian National University: Holocene climate 
    variability recorded in a speleothem from Sumatra, Indonesia

The AQUA postgraduate travel prize

This award is not currently available.

Past winners

    • 1999 – John Jansen, The Australian National University
    • 1999 – Nerida Bleakley, Monash University
    • 2000 – Nick Porch, Monash University
    • 2001 – Jessica Reeves, University of Wollongong
    • 2002 – Helen McGregor, The Australian National University
    • 2002 – Mark Hemer, University of Tasmania
    • 2003 – Craig Sloss, University of Wollongong
    • 2004 – Karen Carthew, Macquarie University
    • 2005 – Kira Westaway, University of Wollongong
  • 2006 – Simon Connor, Melbourne University