Darren Ray, University of Adelaide, has offered to host a hackathon before the AQUA conference on Monday 5th Dec focussed on palaeo-science data analysis.  It would be based on the emerging Python based palaeo analysis framework, in particular, through Jupyter Notebooks. It would be aimed at those who might have some coding experience in say R or Python, and introduce installing and setting up Python environments, basic data analysis in the framework such as importing, analysing, and visualising .csv based data, including producing maps, introduce GitHub repositories such as LinkedEarth, how netcdf and LiPD files work and how to access them, and introduce using Pyleoclim for analysis such as PCA, wavelets, and power spectrum analysis.

Darren is Principal Climate Change Analyst, Dept of Environment and Water South Australia and PhD candidate in Earth Sciences at the University of Adelaide.  To express early interest in the hackathon, contact Darren at: darren.ray@adelaide.edu.au

There may be a modest fee to cover costs for salaried and grant-funded participants, but please don’t let this be a barrier to participation.