NEOTOMA(TILIA)/OCTOPUS and Pollen Data Analysis Online Workshop

Hosted by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH)

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CABAH are hosting a free online workshop and training sessions available to everyone interested in learning, upskilling and participating in discussions around the theme of developing a Quaternary Research database for Australia. This workshop will be delivered over five days and will comprise a series of morning and afternoon sessions. This workshop will provide training, discussion and decision making on the current and future state of palaeoecological data management in Australia – with a focus one using the global NEOTOMA Database. We are very fortunate to be able to invite Prof Eric Grimm and Prof Jessica Blois to this event and they will be providing expert advice and training in TILIA, NEOTOMA and in using the R package for palaeoecological data analysis.

We will also be using this time to explore the future of palaeoecological data management in Australia with the guidance from CABAH database experts Dr Henry Munack and Dr Tibi Codilean (building an Australian palaeoecological database that integrates with NEOTOMA – OCTOPUS).

This workshop is open to all interested academic staff, students and practitioners who produce or are engaged with palaeoecological data (focus on pollen and charcoal datasets, but others also welcome). The workshop is sponsored by CABAH so there is no registration fee. Anyone interested in attending should register with their details using the registration link on this Eventbrite page.

Dates: This workshop will be held over five days from 13th July to 17th July (~3hr sessions each day).

Coordinator: Professor Simon Haberle. Facilitators: Professor Eric Grimm, Professor Jessica Blois, Dr. Henry Munack, Dr. Tibi Codilean

Full workshop information and schedule