Australian Earth Sciences Convention — AESC   2014

You have less than 4 weeks to submit your suggestions for   dedicated sessions during the scientific program. Sessions may be in any of   the six general themes (Energy; Resources; Environment; Service and Community; Dynamic Planet; Living Earth). Be quick we want to hear from you.

To propose a session, please provide:
•   A draft title for the session;
•   The theme in which it should appear;
•   Indication whether this is to be an oral session,
a poster-only session, or a poster session supporting an oral session;
•   A one paragraph description outlining the scope of the session;
•   At least three likely presenters
(which may include the session proponents, keynote and invited presenters);
•   A candidate keynote presenter  (optional);
•   An additional candidate invited presenter (optional).

Submit the proposal by e-mail to both of the directors of the Scientific Program,
Bob Musgrave and
Anthony Dosseto

Posters will be prominently displayed during the conference, and   dedicated poster sessions are strongly encouraged. Poster sessions will be allocated a scheduled time for presenters to explain their work and take   questions.

Please refer to the website or the June 2013 edition of TAG (The Australian Geologist, the newsletter of the Geological Society of Australia)  for detailed descriptions of the themes. You may wish to discuss your   proposal with the convenors of the relevant theme prior to lodging, to   ascertain whether similar or potentially overlapping sessions have already   been planned. In addition to the six themes, the convention will also host   two symposia (39th Symposium on Advances in Study of the Sydney Basin,   and Comparison and Contrasts in Circum-Pacific Orogens).   Proposed sessions should avoid overlap with these symposia.

The theme convenors, together with the 2104 AESC Organising   Committee, will decide the sessions to be accepted before the issuing of the   Call for Abstracts, and will allocate accepted abstracts to sessions.

The deadline for session proposals is 30 August 2013.