AQUA travel awards for the INQUA ECR now due on the 1st October – see previous blog for forms

UPDATE: INQUA 2013 Early Career Researcher Inter-congress meeting:  2nd- 6th December, 2013, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Details attached INQUA 2013 Early Career Researcher Inter-congress meeting:  2nd- 6th December, 2013 for MSc, PhD Candidates and Early Career Researchers

The International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) is committed to developing the next generation of Quaternary Scientists. The INQUA Executive Committee has approved the inaugural INQUA Early Career Researcher inter-congress meeting to provide an avenue for MSc/PhD candidates, Post-Doctoral Researchers and research-active academics in the early stage of their careers (within 5 years of obtaining their PhD) to attend valuable workshops designed to assist ECRs with career development, to present their science and gain invaluable mentoring from more senior scientists.

– INQUA Travel Award Applications Due September 1

– Abstracts and Registration Due 1st October

If you intend presenting/poster at the meeting (or applying for the travel prize) or submitting to the Quaternary International Special Issue please use the abstract template you can find this on the FB page

Please register via the following link:

Quaternary International Special Issue

QI has kindly agreed to run a special issue for ECRs. The aim is for ECRs (MSc/PhD candidates, Post-Doctoral Researchers and research-active academics within 5 years of obtaining their PhD) to either be the primary or single author with manuscripts that are at an advanced stage and ready for submission to the QI editorial process (see attached document for details on how to submit to the Special Issue).

Indication of Submitting for the Quaternary International ECR Special Issue Due Sept 15 and submission via the QI submission process before the meeting (preferably sooner rather than latter so you can get the most out of the review process and writing workshop).

Submissions associated with the commission themes and associated INQUA projects are welcome (

– Coastal and marine processes [CMP]
– Palaeoclimate [PALCOMM]
– Humans and Biosphere [HaBCom]
– Stratigraphy and Chronology [SACCOM]
– Terrestrial Processes, Deposits and History [TERPRO]

Submissions need to be at the required standard for publication in QI and will undergo the normal QI editorial process. The aim is to have manuscripts submitted before the meeting in December and followed up with writing workshops at the ECR meeting to assist in addressing reviewer’s comments and further developing the manuscripts.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a submission please contact the Guest Editors of this special Issue Dr. Craig R. Sloss (<>) or Dr. Lynda Petherick (<>)

Please note: You do not have be attending the meeting to submit to the special issue.